Super-fast testing

Each spec can be run in parallel. Coupled with quick startup times, your tests will run super fast, the more sessions you have.

Advanced Debugging

Testkit provides you with inspectable DOM Snapshots, console and networks logs, so you can fix problems in the speed of light.

Web and Mobile App Testing

Support for Selenium, Puppetter, and Cypress for web application testing. Alongside Appium for iOS and Android testing.

Advanced Debugging Features

Use advanced debug tooling with one click switch between devices to quickly debug and fix issues, both in mobile devices and desktop.

Catch problems before your users do

Our goal is to make testing easier for everyone in the team. Check out our features to find out how we do that.
Results shared across the team
Your whole team can access the results, allowing you to work more effectively.
Local dev environment testing
Ultra-fast iteration cycles and bug finding with our local proxies.
Cypress Debugging
Debug your Cypress tests and find flakiness in your tests with our debugging tool.
Visual Regression Testing
Compare screenshots with no extra code.

Frequently asked questions.


Can I try Testkit before being charged?
Yes! All new accounts start with a free 14-day trial which includes one session, no credit card required.
What is a session?
A session is basically an instance only waiting for you to run a test on it. With one session, you can run one test at a time.
As you add more sessions to your account, you can run more tests in parallel, which makes your test execution faster.
Can I run tests in parallel?
Yes! For example, if you have 4 sessions, you can run 4 tests in parallel. Everything else will be queued and waiting for other tests to finish.
How many sessions can I have?
You can have up to 10 parallel sessions with self-serve but if you need more, we can easily set that up for you.
Just contact our support at


What does "data retention" mean?
Each time a test is executed a "build" is created, which holds the steps, screenshots and results of that test execution to view the results of past test executions. These builds will be deleted after 30 days.
If you need a longer data retention period, you can request one by contacting
Are you planning to support other testing frameworks as well?
Yes, we are actively working on implementing support for Playwright, Puppeteer, CodeceptJS and Selenium.
‍If you're using something else, we'd be happy recommendations at
Can I test applications that are not publicly accessible?
We provide a proxy that can run almost everywhere, which allows Testkit to access applications that are running locally on your computer, your private servers, or anywhere else. You can learn more about local proxies in our documentation.
For other questions, shoot us an email at